How To Treat Road Rash From a Motorcycle Accident

The term “road rash” sounds like a simple scrape you may have gotten as a child. Not a big deal, right? Sure, they sting, but after some cleaning and basic first aid, you’re back in business.

That’s not what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about the road rash you get as a result of a serious motorcycle accident. In stark contrast to the childhood rashes you got when you fell off of your bike, a road rash from a motorcycle accident can lead to major health risks and significant medical expenses.

This guide will review the more serious variations of road rash and how to treat a road rash from a motorcycle accident. And if you are dealing with a road rash injury from a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, get legal help from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discover your rights.

What is Road Rash?

Similar to burns, road rashes are classified into three categories or degrees:

  • First-Degree: This is the least severe category in which you may have minor cuts and scrapes on your skin. Your skin may also be irritated and red.
  • Second-Degree: In this case, the top layer of your skin ruptures, but the skin layers underneath are still intact. There may be scarring in which simple treatments can heal.
  • Third-Degree: Five or more layers are broken, all the way down to the fat. The skin peels away, revealing muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones. It’s important to note that third-degree road rash victims often feel little or no pain because the nerves have become injured. To that end, if you don’t feel pain or discomfort at the rash site, seek medical attention right away.

Complications that Can Arise from Road Rash

Much like a burn, a first, second, or third-degree road rash injury can lead to more serious complications, including the following:

Infection: Your skin may have been penetrated with dirt, resulting in harmful bacteria in the wound. Many times this dangerous bacteria can produce serious and even deadly infections.

Nerve and Muscle Tissue Damage: Some issues are obvious right away but, like internal organ damage, some injuries may not become evident for weeks.

Scarring: Wide abrasions usually result in scars. Some scarring is so severe that skin grafts may be a necessary treatment.

When Should You Seek Medical Attention for a Road Rash?

You should seek medical attention right away for any road rash that is more than a minor case. The odds of more serious and even life-threatening infections increase the longer you wait. Infections can become worse rather quickly, so seek professional medical care immediately.

Seek the Help of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are injured in a medical accident due to the actions of someone else, you likely have medical bills to pay. You may have been harmed in other ways, such as loss of wages or through pain and suffering. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discover your rights and to obtain financial compensation for damages.