Can Insurance Companies Get Traffic Camera Footage?

Video cameras record us throughout the day, from doorbell cams and home security systems to security cameras inside and outside of stores and office buildings. What’s more, traffic cameras are also located on various roads and highways, but most often, they are found at intersections. If you’re wondering if insurance companies can get traffic camera footage of an accident, the answer is, they can, and you should assume they will.

If you’re involved in an auto accident where you or another occupant in your vehicle is injured, the insurance company will most certainly try to obtain traffic camera footage to defend their liability or to prove liability on your part. But insurance companies don’t stop there. Some insurance companies may even use footage of you at your home or in public to claim your injuries are not as serious as you claim.

For all of these reasons, you must work with a California motorcycle accident injury attorney who knows how to respond to an insurance company’s use of traffic camera video.

How an Insurance Company Uses Traffic Camera Footage?

Once an auto insurance company is notified of an motorcycle accident, they assign a claims adjuster to the case. The job of the adjuster is to review the claim and get the key details about the accident. They’ll get a copy of the police report, interview witnesses, and view photographs of the scene.

They’ll also get access to traffic camera footage whenever it is available, which can provide crucial evidence. Using the video footage, the insurance company can attempt to assign fault for the motorcycle accident.

Remember, no matter how nice the insurance company may seem, their primary goal is always to resolve the claim by paying as little money as possible. To that end, insurance companies will go the extra mile to dispute liability claims and even attempt to deny valid claims.

The insurance company may use traffic camera footage to claim the accident didn’t occur the same way as you stated. Even if the video footage confirms your claim, the insurer may look for details in the footage that will allow them to say you are “partially” to blame and, therefore, not deserving of full compensation.

How a California Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Can Help Your Case

There are rules to how video footage may be obtained. For example, an insurance company can not hire someone to audio record you without your express permission. If you suspect an insurance company may have illegally obtained footage they can use against you, contact our law firm for an immediate response.

Motorcycle injury attorneys have experience combing through the video details of a car and motorcycle accidents and can dispute erroneous claims made by an insurance company. A skilled attorney will gather evidence including traffic cam footage, witness testimony, photographs of the accident or resulting vehicle damage, and more.

In short, a personal injury attorney will use every tool at their disposal to bolster your case and secure the most financial compensation allowed by law for your damages.

Get Help from an Experienced California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

If you have been involved in an motorcyle accident in the state of California where traffic camera footage is involved, contact an attorney today for a free initial consultation. Speak with a highly-qualified motorcycle injury attorney with experience fighting insurance companies who will protect your rights and hold the insurance company to a standard of honesty, so you can obtain the financial compensation you deserve.